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Why More Women Need to Take a Seat at the Money Table—and How Men Can Help

Featured Lifestyle Money
The role of women in the management of family finances has had a dismal record in past decades. Traditionally, men have taken the lead in earning and spending ...
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Climate change is impacting retirement plans. How older Americans are adapting

Featured Lifestyle Money Retirement
The threat of climate change is shifting some older Americans’ retirement plans. Extreme weather such as hurricanes, flooding, freezing temperatures and wildfires has prompted some to rethink where ...
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How President Biden’s Tax Proposals Could Affect Your Retirement Plan

Featured Retirement Taxes
Biden’s proposal would equalize the tax benefits of saving for retirement by instituting a refundable tax credit for contributions into a traditional retirement plan such as a 401(k), ...
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Fed says stock market boom, ‘ebullient’ investors warrant caution

Featured News
Booming stocks, internet-driven “meme” investments and the black box of hedge fund financing pose increasing risks as the U.S. economy emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and investor appetite ...
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Should I pay off my mortgage early?

Income Money Retirement Taxes
There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to pay your mortgage off early. Before making any financial decisions, make sure you step back and ...
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What is an Early Retirement Age?

Featured Lifestyle Retirement
According to the Social Security Administration, the traditional retirement age is 65. It begs the question: what is an early retirement age? Retiring a few years early might ...
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Helping Americans’ Retirement Plans Recover From COVID

Featured Income Retirement
Many Americans say it will take two or three years to repair pandemic damage to their retirement savings, due to job loss or emergency retirement withdrawals. Read more ...
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The First Few Years of Retirement Can Make or Break Your Portfolio

Income Retirement
Sequence-of-returns risk could undo years of careful planning. Here’s how that happens, and a couple of ways to help avoid it. Read more at Kiplinger ...
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Good Planning Can Reduce the Chances of Taxes Hurting Your Retirement Funds

Featured Retirement Taxes
There are a lot of pieces to the retirement tax-planning puzzle, but lucky for you, that means you have a lot of options to help control your taxes. ...
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Joe Biden’s tax plan, explained

Retirement Taxes
The ink is barely dry on President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill, and the conversation is already shifting to some of the next items on his legislative agenda ...
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