Mastering The Last Five Years Before Retirement

Mastering The Last Five Years Before Retirement

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For many people, retirement has always seemed like a far-off goal. With the Coronavirus lockdown, I’ve seen an uptick in people getting more serious about setting a retirement date. I’ve even had a few financial planning clients finally pull the trigger, and they will be retiring this year. Keep reading as we cover what you should do year by year as you come within the last five years until retirement.

When you are in your twenties, thirties, or forties, retirement feels like something people way older than you do. Flash forward to your late fifties or early sixties, and seemingly overnight, you begin to pay closer attention to anything related to retirement planning. You may start planning to maximize your Social Security, researching Medicare, playing with some retirement planning calculators, or even paying more attention when you meet with your financial advisor.

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