What I’ve learned after 14 years at ‘the most depressing job in America’

What I’ve learned after 14 years at ‘the most depressing job in America’

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This is the last column I will write about retirement for MarketWatch.

No, I’m not retiring. But I am moving on.

I’ve had a good run here at MarketWatch. I’ve been writing about retirement and editing Retirement Weekly for 14 wonderful years. In fact, since October 2003, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.01%  was 9,469.20, I’ve written more than 1 million words for MarketWatch or the equivalent of about one book per year.

And though I’ve been writing about money since 1986, I’ve learned a lot about saving for and living in retirement during my years with MarketWatch. With hope, you — my loyal readers — have benefited from my wisdom along the way, too.

So, what have we learned together?

Well, first, we’ve learned that the subject retirement can be a bit depressing. In fact, I used to joke that I had the most depressing job in America, because day after day, researchers and others would send me studies that, in essence, said Americans hadn’t saved enough; they wouldn’t be able to ever stop working; and they were going to outlive whatever small amount of money they had set aside and live mostly (if not only) on Social Security. And forget about being able to afford health care in retirement.

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