The Art of Successful Aging

The Art of Successful Aging

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Science has been making great strides lately lengthening our life spans to the point special considerations need to be made regarding the quality of life as we age. It’s one thing to live past 100. It’s quite another to really make the most of all this extra time.


Cambridge gerontologist Aubrey de Grey is involved in some amazing research right now. To dramatically extend life, de Grey is developing a therapy to killing cells that have lost the ability to divide, allowing healthy cells to multiply and replenish the tissue.

“These therapies are going to be good enough to take middle age people, say people aged 60, and rejuvenate them thoroughly enough so they won’t be biologically 60 again until they are chronologically 90. That means we have essentially bought 30 years of time to figure out how to re-rejuvenate them when they are chronologically 90 so they won’t be biologically 60 for a third time until they are 120 or 150.”

He goes on to say advancements are happening so quickly that the first person to live to age 1000 is probably alive today!


How will all this extra time affect your concept of career and relationships? I wonder how your spouse might feel about another 950 years living with you. Just saying. As we age, however long we have, science and those with experience offer some advice.

Keys for a long healthy life:

Those that live the longest have common traits and habits:

  • Positive attitude
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Faith
  • Clean living
  • Loving family
  • Genetics

There is something else you might want to consider. Have you planned for what could be hundreds of years of retirement? It may be time. Contact us today.

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