Live Long and Stay Sharp

Live Long and Stay Sharp

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 You may have heard the term “longevity risk” from time to time when it comes to retirement planning. Science has made great strides in the last 50 years in extending our lives dramatically. It’s now common for people to live well into their nineties or more. With all this extra time given to us it’s important to make it quality time. One of the realities of aging is the cognitive decline that can accompany it. However, according to research, age related dementia is something that can be avoided with some simple, enjoyable activities. An article in Men’s Health Magazine identified 8 Daily Habits That Will Keep Your Brain Young and Sharp.


  • Walking daily at a brisk pace increases blood flow to the brain and seems to help maintain cognitive ability.
  • Learning another language has been shown to be a powerful anti-dementia activity.
  • Don’t be cynical. For some reason pessimism is linked to dementia.
  • Daily laughing lowers stress related hormones linked to cognitive decline.
  • Brush and floss every day to prevent periodontal disease linked to dementia.
  • Go to bed earlier. Sleep deprivation, or sleeping six hours or less each night can cause dementia.
  • A glass of wine each day keeps your blood vessels and your brain healthy.
  • Regularly using your computer drops your dementia risk by 42%!


Also, several studies indicate yoga and meditation practice on a regular basis can not only help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s but can be very beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with the disease by reducing stress. Check out a great meditation app at


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